Guide to Berlin Christmas markets

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If you are coming to Berlin in December you probably want to go and visit one or more of the many Christmas markets which are spread all over the city. This is a short suggestion of some places worth considering.

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The most popular one. In the middle of the city you will find the Gendarmenmarkt which seems to be the most visited of all the Christmas markets and it is the only one charging a modest admission off 1€ to go in and visit the market during the weekend or evening. It is free to go in before 2 pm on a weekday. Read more of Gendarmenmarkt here.

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The easy accessible markets. Many Christmas markets are located right next to transportations hubs so you can easily go and visit them if you are sightseeing in Berlin – after all you probably have to change train or U-bahn line at these places so you might as well go out and have a look. There are some big Christmas markets at Alexanderplatz, Potsdamerplatz and next to Bahnhoff Zoo. The one at Zoo station has the pretties setting right in front of an old ruined church.

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The pretty location. When it comes to location several of the Christmas markets are pretty well located at scenic spots in Berlin. This is the case for the Gendarmenmarkt and the one in front of Bahnhoff Zoo with the old church. But no other market got a better location than the one at Schloss Charlottenburg which is located right in front of the castle.

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The one for the kids. There is a Christmas market in front of the city hall which has an ice-skating ring and lots of rides for the kids so if you bring kids along for the Christmas markets this just might be the favorite. See more about the Christmas market at Rotes Rathause here.

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The daytrip market. If you go for the castle out in Potsdam you can still go for a nice local Christmas market. The market out in Potsdam is quite nice and the prices are slightly lower than the markets in Berlin themselves. To read more of the Potsdam market see here.


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