Christmas market at Rotes Rathause

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Around Christmas time you will find a fairly big Christmas market in front of the red city hall of Berlin called the Rotes Rathause in German. It is a nice place to go and visit if you want to have a quick taste of the different German specialties.

We tried a bit of the food here – it was our first time trying the hand brot which translate into hand bread in English. It was actually quite good and apparently you it is a staple at the Christmas markets and not easily found other times of the year. I guess the same goes for the ever present mulled wine or Glüewein.

The market in front of the city hall is pretty big and there are a lot of people – but it isn’t quite as overcrowded as the nearby market at Gendarmenmarkt. Which makes it more enjoyable to wander around at the market to have a look at the different food they have for sale and the different goods they sell – there are not a big pressure to buy so you can just go around and have a look at what you find interesting.

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Flam Laks – flame salmon

There also seems to be more things which will entertain children like a big Ferris wheel and other rides. The most popular ride seems to be the outdoor ice-skating ring which attracts a lot of people ice-skating. The skaters are a mixed bunch some seems to be out on the ice for the first time ever and others seems to be better at the sport. But the small ring is somewhat overcrowded so I am not sure how much fun it is for the more advanced skaters who will have to navigate around the newbies.

It is pretty easy to get to and from the market – since it is located close to the transportation hub at Alexanderplatz with lots of different buses, trains and subway stopping there. You can also get to the market with the buses going along the street Unter den Linden from Brandenburger Gate or just walk from the nearby Gendarmenmarkt if you want more Christmas market – the market here can also be combined with the Christmas market on the other side of the station at Alexanderplatz.


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