Hi. Welcome to FrejaTravels. Come and join our travel of the world.

We both love to travel.  Mickey enjoys to explore the unknown destination and Yunni loves to eat different kind of food in her exploration.

Currently both of us live in Copenhagen Denmark, the famous country of “Hans Christian Andersen”  the story teller.

Mickey caught the travel bug on a longer trip to Australia back in 2001. Since then he has been exploring the world mainly on short trips around Eastern Europe and longer trips to other continents. So far it has taken him to around 100 countries and is still counting.  He might have some Viking blood in his veins – but is fairly well behaved and not ravaging the destinations he goes to.

Yunni enjoys exploring Asian countries and she is a repeat visitor year after year.  Yunni has travel to around 80 countries and still eager to explore more. She is also write her travel experience for “Suja Travel” under the name of “Yunni the Epicurean Traveler” – http://blog.sujatravel.com/author/yunni-the-epicurean-traveler/

The blog is about our stories of world exploration.  We hope you find it usefull and enjoyable.

Please stay tune for the update and thank you for reading and following our blogs.



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