Christmas market around Potsdamer Platz

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At Christmas time it seems like there is a Christmas market on almost any major square in Berlin – this is also the case when it comes to Potsdamer Platz. There are a little bit of a market at the square next to the underground station and you will find more small shops in along a street radiating out from the square – so you will have the option to go and taste the local specialties coming out for Christmas or you can join in with small kinds (and a few not so small kids) hurling yourself down at a sloop on a tractor tire tube.

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Kids having fun

The market around Potsdamer Platz got the same kind of small shops selling the different local foods you find at all the Christmas markets in addition to the shops selling different winter goods and decorations used for the upcoming holiday season. And there is the big slide which seems to make the kids very happy so if you are coming with a kid or two you could spend an hour or two waiting for the kid repeatedly carrying the tube up the stair to slide down from the top.

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I find the market location is very good when it comes to reaching the market from anywhere in Berlin. After all Potsdamer Platz is one of the main transportation hubs in Berlin with a lot of local and regional transport calling in on the subway station and the regional train station. So it should be very easy for you to reach the market no matter where you stay in Berlin. But the area around the square is a bit less charming a setting compared to what you find a Gendarmenmarkt or even the market at the city hall with the nice city hall in the background and the little park next to it. So if you are going for Christmas markets in berlin this is a convenient stop since access to this place is so easy – but you shouldn’t make this your only stop at a Christmas market.

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