Christmas market at Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche

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Around the ruined church you will find a big Christmas market in December – the market goes all the way around the church on a fairly large square. If you approach the Christmas market you will notice all the light surrounding the church – which looks really nice in company with the church which is lighted at night time.

The market is fairly big with a lot of different shops selling the usual selection of Bratwurst and the Berlin specialty of Currywurst in addition to other various German Christmas stables. And obviously it is easy to find Glüewein mit Schuss which means mulled wine with a shot of rum or amaretto.

The market doesn’t have quite as many children rides as you will find at certain other markets so the main activity is going around the market filling yourself up on the food supplemented with some mulled wine or a glass of beer. There is a pretty big crowd at the market but it isn’t overcrowded so you can move around easily.

It is easy to get to this Christmas market since the church is right next to Bahnhof Zoo which is one of the main transportation hubs in Berlin so you can reach it by subway or local train in addition to a lot of different busses which stops at this station as well. The market is also next to the Kurfürstendamm U-bahn station hence it is easy to combine this market with other tourist activities while you are in Berlin.


  1. Always love reading your posts. Feels like I get to take a little trip! These lights are so pretty & festive- I can’t imagine how magical it was being there. I have never had mulled wine but it sounds tasty- is it served warm? Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays to youuu!

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    1. Thank you I am glad you liked my little blog. Mulled wine is hot. There are different versions the German one come pretty much as a warm wine to which you can add a schuss or shot off rum or ameretto to increase the alcohol content. In denmark our mulled wine (gølg) has a lot of different spices to give it flavor making it very different from the German version.

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