Christmas market at Schloss Charlottenburg

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One of the biggest Christmas markets you will find in Berlin around Christmas time is the big market in front of Schloss Charlottenburg. The market is places on the area in front of the large castle with the castle behind the market. This makes it possibly the most beautiful setting for any of the Christmas markets in Berlin.

We arrive at the market after dark walking along the Schlossstrasse from the U-bahn station. It is interesting arriving along this street. In the beginning the street is fairly dark but when we approach the castle the light from the market in front of the castle is very bright and when we get down close to the market there is a lot of bright lights.

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The market might cover the largest area of any of the markets in Berlin thanks to the area in front of the castle is actually quite big. So the paths between the shops which tend to be quite narrow at other markets are a bit wider here. This makes the market feel less crowded than it actually is with the many visitors to the market. You can walk around the market enjoying the lights of the market and go and have a look at the light show which is displayed on the castle itself.

When you walk around the market you will have the chance of listening to some musical performance by a little band which is moving around the market place which will give you a bit of extra entertainment.

The market got the standard selection of different foods which is traditional for the German Christmas markets and a lot of shops selling different seasonal products so it is a very charming place to go and visit for your Christmas market. The only down side is the market is very well connected with underground rails – in fact you will have to walk about a kilometer along a not so interesting street if you use the underground. You can take a bus to the station Bahnhof Zoo which will take you pretty much anywhere in Berlin area and you will have the chance to go and see the Christmas market at Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche since it is right next to the station if you want an extra Christmas market.


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