Christmas market in Potsdam

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If you are in Berlin you might go for a daytrip to the nearby city of Potsdam – after all it is easy to get there on a regional train or even taking the S-bahn local train which ends at Potsdam central station. We went there to go and see some of the many castle which are located right outside Potsdam – but given the short days it was getting dark after we finished our visit to the last castle of the day. When it is getting dark in December it really means one thing – it is time to go and visit the local Christmas market.

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We take the bus back from the castle towards the station – but in the center of the town we jump out of the bus and walk to the market. There is a bit of a carnival on one square which is probably attracting the kids of the town for the different rides. We decide to skip that side of the market and go to the other side of the market which seems more targeted towards grownups.

543A2566 (1280x853)
Fallen Santa

We go in and have a look at the different food and the Glüewein – the German mulled wine. We notice the prices of food and drinks out here in Potsdam are slightly lower compared to the market in Berlin. The savings is only ½-1€ for a drink or a sausage so unless you really go drinking heavily and overeating your savings will probably not be enough to cover the train ticket to go out here. Hence you probably will only go if you are out to see the famous castles of the town – like the Schloss Sanssouci.

543A2570 (1280x853)
Winking moose

The main market is following a long pedestrian street in the middle of the city and we walk from one end to the other enjoy the lights of the market. We find the shops here have a bit more decoration compared to the markets in Berlin – the decorations are a bit kitschy like a balloon Santa and a moose winking with one eye. But it is quite enjoyable to walk through the street having a look at everything. And the market is so spread out it doesn’t feel too crowded despite a lot people seem to visit the market along with us.

When we get to the end of the street we are at a big church and a bit lost – but we manage to find a tramp going to the station. I guess it was walkable – but I am not sure how far it was to the station.


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