Getting a ride from Santa

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We are leaving Potsdam after we have spent a day in the small town exploring the castle just outside it and enjoying the fairly large Christmas market running along the main pedestrian street of the town. It is after dark and we need to go back to Berlin. We are a bit unsure how to get to the station and just start walking. Then we kind of stumble over a tram stop and decide we will wait for the next tram to take us to the station instead of walking an unknown distance.

543A2587 (1280x853)

We wait a little bit and then the tram arrives – I notice the driver is a bit surprising. It is Santa Claus dress in the full coca cola uniform and everything including the white beard. We get into the tram which is decorated with some rather unique Christmas decorations. There are reindeers with hats inside the tram and there are a few ducks with elf hats in the back of the car.

In the middle of the car you will meet Mrs. Claus who seems to be riding along with her husband in front of the tram.

543A2580 (853x1280)

The ride to the station is only short so I have to hurry up and take some photos of this unique tram – it is a bit difficult since we are being thrown around when the tram continuously turn on another corner. We finally make it to the station and leave Santa back in the driver’s seat to go back to where ever he came from.


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