Christmas market at Alexanderplatz

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There are so many Christmas markets spread all over Berlin it can be hard to pick one to go to – so the obvious solution is to go to a bunch of different markets. If you go around several markets you might consider the one at Alexanderplatz. I don’t think it is the most charming of the Christmas markets around Berlin but it is hard to beat the location for convenience – you have the large transportation hub just next to the market with many subway lines, regional train lines and busses stopping right here. One night during our visit we had to change from a regional train to a subway right here at Alexanderplatz so we decided to go out and have a look at what was going on outside at the square.

When you go outside the station you immediately reach the market on the square with the dominant television tower in the middle of Berlin. We walked out and had a look at the many small shops selling all sorts of German specialties like all the Christmas markets around the city.

I found this market to be less crowded than other markets so you could go around in relative peace and have a look at what was in the different small huts if you were into getting a glass of mulled wine or a currywurst the Berlin special sausage with curry power generously poor on top of the ketchup. There seemed to be fewer rides for children compared to other markets so this was more a market mainly targeted towards the adult visitors.

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This wasn’t my favorite Christmas market in Berlin but it is so easy to get to from the station at Alexanderplatz it is worth considering dropping by at the end of the day when you are done sightseeing and just need a little glass of mulled wine before dinner – or you actually want to have a standing dinner at the market. If you are into visiting more Christmas markets just on the other side of the station at Alexanderplatz you will find a fairly big (and more interesting) Christmas market in front of the city hall, see more here. It is easy walks from this market just follow the lights.


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