Main Munich Christmas market – Christkindlmarkt

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From late November and up till Christmas eve Munich have many Christmas markets going on to create a special festive mood during the during the dark December month. The markets are located all over the city but the biggest one is right in the center.

Light coming out after dark

The prettiest square in Munich is probably the Marienplatz. It is surrounded by a lot of beautiful buildings and from the last weekend in November till Christmas the square is transformed to a big market. The market is actually so big it does not fit on the square alone anymore. So the street leading down to the square has kind of an overflow market as well with the small stalls in the middle of the pedestrian streets.

Making flame lachs – fire salmon

The locals come out in the thousands to enjoy the festive market and eat at the many food stalls which serves the local specials which seems to be a fire bread which is sort of a German version of the pizza and different sausages. I guess the food is local Bavarian food which is different from what you might find in the Christmas markets of Berlin.

Stall at the christmas market

The main thing for a Christmas market is always to drink a bit of mulled wine or Glüewein in German and there is easy access for the many different versions of Glüewein which to my taste is a bit similar.

And if you need any knickknack for your house for Christmas going to the market is the place to get it. Some of the stuff is pretty but much of it is sort of junk of limited interest.

The market and square during daytime

Marienplatz is well connected with public transport since several S-bahn lines and a couple of U-bahn lines stop at the station below the square. So it is very easy to go and visit the market.


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