Christmas market at Viktualienmarkt

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A long time ago the main market of Munich was located at Marienplatz – but as the city grew the square got to small and the market were relocated a little bit away to what is now called Viktualienmarkt.

Viktualienmarkt shops

The market has survived the invention of the supermarket and today it has been transformed into a farmers market which carter to the public in Munich supplying them with high quality vegetables and meat.

During the winter time the market has a little section with a Christmas market. When I checked about the Christmas markets in Munich this one was mentioned as one of the main markets in the city. After visiting the market I think it is somewhat overrated. The Christmas market section of the market is pretty small and the main feature of the area during the Christmas season is still the food market.

Christmass shop at Viktualienmarkt

I guess it isn’t really worth going to the Viktualienmarkt for the Christmas market – but if you like wondering around a food market selling quality produce it is worth a visit. And if you want to visit a bigger Christmas market you can just walk down the street to the big Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz next door. The easiest way to get to and from the Viktualienmarkt is actually to take the S-bahn or U-bahn to Marienplatz anyways.

Christmass market section of Viktualienmarkt


      1. LOL. I have been in Copenahgen in December on business and I know what you mean. Thing is, Europe is organized for cold. Not here in Mexico. They are under the assumption that this is a tropical country so there is seldom central heating and the houses are cold at the end of year. I just had a heating system put inside the house and enjoy every penny of it. Cheers.

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      2. You are right – but the fact is we are only prepared for cold not heat. So when we finally get 3 weeks of summer where the temperature might get up close to 30 the houses and appartments become really hot and there is no aircondition to cool them down. And everything is so well isolated it will take weeks of cooler weather to get the temperature back down again.

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