Schwabing Christmas market

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A little outside the center of Munich you find the Schwabing Christmas market. It is located right north of the Freiheit station making it easy to get up here using the U-bahn line U3 or U6. When you arrive at the station you see the market below and you can walk down the stair to be in the beginning of the market.

Looking down at the Schwabing Christmas market

The feeling here is probably a bit more local compared to the bigger market in the center. So the people going here is mainly from the local area walking out to enjoy the evening with the lights of the market and obviously have a bit of Glüewein – mulled wine and enjoy a bite to eat for dinner.

The market seems to take up a pretty big area and there is a band playing when we arrive. We walk a bit around the different stalls for a while looking at what is going on. There are the usual shops available if you need to shop for that little Christmas ornament or a get a pair of wooly socks. There is also the usual food so you don’t have to go hungry while drinking your Glüewein.

Band playing at the market

I find the market is a nice little place to visit – but there really isn’t much setting it apart from what you can find at the more centrally located Christmas markets. So if you got limited time or just want to limit yourself to only visiting a few Christmas markets – you might skip this one.

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