Rådhuspladsen – city hall square

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Rådhuspladsen is located in the center of Copenhagen in front of the city hall of Copenhagen. It is the biggest square in Copenhagen and naturally this is where big events take place like the welcoming of the Danish European football champions in 1992 and Bjarne Riis after his victory in Tour de France 1996. These events have attracted the biggest crowds in Denmark pulling hundreds of thousands of people to the square and surrounding streets. Later the Danish European and world champions in men’s handball have also had their reception at the square.

Copenhagen city hall

The square isn’t the prettiest square in Copenhagen others have a better layout and more interesting houses surrounding the square. But Rådhuspladsen is a transportation hub with a metro stop and many buses going along H. C. Andersens Boulevard which is one of the busiest streets in the center of Copenhagen. Hence many people will end up dropping by when they are heading out and exploring the city.

The most impressive building on the square is the city hall which has been inspired by the city hall of Siena in Tuscany Italy. If you have been to Siena the building will look somewhat familiar. The city hall in Copenhagen is only a bit over hundred years old – it was finished in 1905 and the square is actually outside the old center of Copenhagen. It is located at the old fortifications of Copenhagen which were surrounding the old town.

On the other sides of the square you find the headquarter of one of the major newspaper of Copenhagen, and a building housing the Danish industrial employers association. There are also a few hotels – but all in all the buildings surrounding the square is less interesting than other buildings you can find inside the old town.

From Rådhuspladsen you can walk just across the street and head to the entrance to Tivoli if you want to go to enjoy the park or go for some of the rides. The main pedestrian street of Strøget also starts at Rådhuspladsen from where it goes all the way to Kongens Nytorv which is the old center of Copenhagen.


  1. Radhuspladsen? Sounds very much like Rathausplatz… parliament house Square? Thanks for the tour. Ages I haven’t been in Copenhagen… I hope you are well and safe…
    Au revoir.

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    1. It mean city hall square – so it is the same as the German name Rathausplatz.

      And we are all safe here not in the total lock down you see in other European countries so can explore our hometown in more dehpt than usual.


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