Colourful movie theater

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One of the most colourful buildings in Copenhagen is the large movie theater Palads Teatret it is located in the center of Copenhagen just a short walk from Rådhuspladsen and the central station. The movie theater was actually originally located in the old central station in Copenhagen which was moved to the current location.

Palads Teatret movie theater

The old theater was demolished and a new one was built at the same location – today it has a total of 2,600 seats spread across 17 auditoriums. The complex is the biggest in Denmark so it is having the most variety of movies on display – and all foreign movies in Denmark come with subtitles so it is foreigners won’t have any problems with English or American movies – the only exception to the subtitles is children’s movies.

In 1989 the complex were painted in its current pastel colours which make it one of the easiest recognizable buildings in Copenhagen and the most colourful for sure. Even if you have no intention of going inside to see a movie it is worth dropping by just to see the special building.

The theater is located on the small Axeltorv and across from the movie theater you find a round building which is called Cirkusbygningen where the used to be the city circus and now there is a dinner show with entertainment. Across from Palads you find the old water work of Copenhagen which is now a daycare – but you can see most of it from outside and the building is an interesting old industrial building.

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