Tulip festival at Gavnø Gods

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It is a nice spring day and so it is time to head out and see the tulips one of the traditional flowers indicating spring. I guess on other years it would be an option to go at one of the famous tulip destinations of the world like the home of the tulip – Turkey – or possible the adopted home of the tulip in the Netherlands. Instead we had to find other options to go and find a few tulips.

Trees on the road to the castle

Since a trip to those two countries is out of the question it was time to search for a place to spot tulips which were in driving distance from Copenhagen. The best place to see tulips in Denmark is at the old castle Gavnø Gods which is located on a small island a couple of kilometers outside Næstved in southern Zealand. You can possibly take a train to Næstved and then get a local transport for the road out to the castle – but for the moment the trains are only running on a reduced schedule so it was very difficult to get down to Næstved on public transport – instead we decided just to drive down there.

When we are driving towards the castle we go through an amazing road which is lined by beautiful trees with pink flowers – everybody stops along the road to take photos of the pretty trees before they continue towards the castle.

There is a lot of cars at the car people really seems to take advantage of the great spring weather to go and have a look at the tulips during the tulip festival at Gavnø. The tulip is at their best from late April to early May depending on the weather – with the hot sunny days the season might end a bit early with the tulips getting too hot but you never know for sure as of yet.

Usually you can go inside the castle and have a look at the museum with a lot of old paintings on display – but like all other indoor museums this one is closed as well. So we have to settle with a look around the large park with the many tulips.

The restaurant at the castle is also closed – but there are benches around the park so we had brought a little picnic to eat inside the ground of the castle.

It is nice to wonder around the park and look at all the different tulips. There are a lot of different tulips so it is worth going around the whole garden. There are also some larger features of the great garden with some large old trees which are impressive all year even without the tulips.


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