Munks on the hill

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On a little hill in Næstved you find a group of seven statues. The statues are funny looking they were originally carved out of old trees which had been growing on the hill – but the old trees would eventually deteriorate due to weather and small bugs eating the dead wood. So the old wooden statues were about to disintegrate completely.

To save the treasured local statues something had to be done – they had to make them into metal which could withstand the elements and would be immune to attacks from bugs. The locals started to collect money to make the statues durable – but it took a long time getting enough money – to secure the future of the statues they made a copy of the statues by forming a mold and making plaster statues while they were still trying to get enough money.

Finally they had enough money to make the statues and they have now all been made into bronze shells. They do look like the old wood with the cracks in the wood from wear and tear. So you might think it is still the wooden statues – unless you knock on the statues and can hear it is metal.

Stone for Peder Bodilsen erected by the citizen of Næstved 800 years anniversiry

Below the statues you find a large rock with an inscription commemorating Peder Bodilsen who was a rich man of the area and he donated money to a monastery which was later converted into Herlufsholm boarding school which is the most famous boarding school in Denmark.

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