View from the hill

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If you visit Næstved you can head for the city hall – the building with the city hall isn’t very interesting – but across from the city hall there is a fairly big hill. You can go to the top of the hill and at the top is a playground which seems to attract some local kids.

City hall in Næstved

If you get here with no kids don’t worry there is still something which might interest you. On the top of the hill is a little tower. You can go up the tower and have a look around the city of Næstved.

The tower is a little flimsy and you can see straight down so it is probably not a good destination if you are very scarred of height. From the top of the tower there is a decent view of Næstved and the surrounding area. Just below the tower you find a group of statues called Munke på Bakken – monks on the hill.

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