Exploring Knudshoved Odde

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The area around Knudshoved Odde was created back during the last ice age. The icecap at certain times were stopped right at this spot and the ice melted and left behind some small rubbles which it had brought along for centuries from far away. All this small debris created a large strip of land which was higher than the surrounding landscape.

Storstrømsbroen – used to be the longest bridge in Denmark in the 1930s

When the ice melted the area around Knudshoved Odde was flooded – but Knudshoved Odde itself had gotten just enough material to be elevated above the rising sea on both sides. So today there is a narrow strip of land going out from the main island of Zealand.

The first part of the strip of land you can just drive in your car – as the narrow land gets still narrower you start to see water at both sides of the road as you continue driving. After some kilometers of driving we reach a parking lot where the road ends. We drop the car and starts walking from here.

Right at the parking lot there is actually an interesting sight – there is an old hill with an entrance to an old prehistoric tomb. The area here was a prime residence during the Stone Age when the local hunters and collectors lived here taking advantage of the rich sea just a few steps away and the option to do a bit of hunting in the forest of the peninsula.

Flowering trees at the peninsula

We walk out from the parking lot to have a closer look at the peninsula – apparently the count who owns the land used to have American bison’s roaming the land – but a few years ago the bison have been replaced by long haired cattle. As we walk around the area we spot neither the bison nor the cattle – we only hear and see a few birds.

We wonder along the area through some woodland with some strangely shaped trees – I guess the location next the sea result in the wind blow the trees into strange shapes. We walk for a bit but we don’t go to the end of the peninsula since it would involve a return hike of around 20 kilometers and that’s just a bit too much for an afternoon where we want to head back home in time for dinner considering all restaurants are closed.

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