Goose on top of the tower

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We head to the small old town of Vordingborg – it is actually just a short drive from the little peninsula Knudshoved Odde where we had been hiking for a bit.

Old house across from the castle

Vordingborg used to be a very important city in Denmark where king Valdemar the Great build one of his most important castles. Valdemar the Great was one of the most successful Danish kings through all time and he conquered large land area in northern Germany and around the Baltic Sea.

The goose tower

In the city of Vordingborg he built a great fortress which was the main royal castle of Denmark for the following century. The castle was protected by a wall of 770 meters – almost half a mile. In the wall there was 9 great towers – unfortunately most of the castle has been torn down today all that remains is one tower.

Goose on top of the tower

The tower is known as Gåsetårnet – or the goose tower. The tower is the best preserved medieval tower anywhere in Scandinavia. It is nice to go and see the old tower with a goose on the top. You can only wonder just how impressive the castle must have been when it was at its prime 860 years ago.

After visiting the tower we go for a quick walk around the city. I had found a walking guide which should take us to the most interesting part of the city. So we try to follow the guide – without finding much of interest along the route. So we walk around the old part of town pretty quickly and then we head back for a bit over an hour long drive back home to Copenhagen.


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