Where the rich have their summerhouses

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We are heading to Hornbæk which is a short drive from Helsingør and Kronborg Castle along the coastal road of North Zealand. This area is the most popular area to have summerhouses if you live in Copenhagen since you can get up here in less than an hour drive if you are not going during rush-hour. So the summerhouses here are the most expensive anywhere in Denmark.

We don’t have the cash for a summerhouse in this area but you can still go up and have a look at what is going on during a sunny spring weekend. It is actually pretty busy up here with a lot of people visiting the area and having an ice-cream down at the harbor.

Harbor of Hornbæk

In the small town you find a few old houses with thatches roof and some are hiding in the sand dunes which is right between the village and the beach.

Houses hidding in the dunes

The main attraction of the city is the small harbor which has a lot of small shops and there is a lot of life going on here on a sunny Saturday. I guess the request of people to stay as home as much as possible is kind of being ignored when the sun comes out and it is a nice day to head to the beach.

Boat on land

We have a little look at the harbor and then head up to one of the sand dunes right next to the harbor. From the top of the dune there is a view of the harbor on the one side and the large sandy beach on the other side which has made this area so attractive for people who wants a little getaway from Copenhagen.

We went up here by car and it is really easy to drive along the coastal road all the way up along Øresund to Helsingør from where you just drive to the west along the north coast. If you don’t have a car it is actually still fairly easy to get here. You just need to take the train to Helsingør which is the final stop for trains heading up along the coast from Copenhagen. And in Helsingør you can have a look at Kronborg before you take a local train which will take you to Hornbæk. Out of season the activity in Horbæk will be reduced and some restaurants won’t be open at night except during the weekend


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