Old fishing village

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Gilleleje is one of several towns along the north coast of Zealand which has a name ending in leje – which is an old Danish word for a fishing port. And there is actually still quite a bit of fishing going on in the area judging by the number of fishing boats in the harbor.

Anchor in front of the harbor

But time has changed and the fishing boats are not alone in the harbor – there are several pleasure boats of different seizes in the harbor – since this village is a short drive from Copenhagen so it is easy for people from Copenhagen to go up here if they have a boat in the harbor.

Fishing boats

Gilleleje is also known as one of the main places where people from Copenhagen are having their summerhouses – the area is somewhat cheaper than Hornbæk but it is still an attractive area for the people of Copenhagen.

We wonder around the little village enjoying the harbor which is surprisingly busy on this sunny weekend afternoon. Everybody seems to have left Copenhagen to enjoy the sun at the beaches of the north coast and they all go down to the harbor to buy take away fish and chips or ice-cream to eat around the harbor area.

Spring flowers

Not far from the harbor there are many old houses with thatches roof and it is nice to go and wonder around the old houses for a bit. We enjoy the little stroll around the small village – the area is big with many summerhouses but the interesting part of Gilleleje is pretty small centered not far from the harbor.

Quite street in Gilleleje

We get to Gilleleje just driving along the road from Hornbæk – and the easiest way to get here is clearly your own car. But even without a car it is a possible daytrip from Copenhagen. You can take a train from the center of Copenhagen to either Helsingør or Hillerød and then catch a local train between the two cities. And you get the chance to visit the famous castle of Kronborg in Helsingør or Frederiksborg in Hillerød.


  1. My favourite kind of place! Maybe that’s why the new novel I’m working on is set in a fictitious little town with a fishing harbour on the West Coast Of South Africa.

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  2. It’s not desert like Namibia, as the West Coast is still within the Western Cape. The climate is like that of Cape Town, and the areas has been very short of water for some years. Paternoster is about 2 hours drive on a good road from Cape Town. The area has a beautiful rugged coast with a handful of lovely beaches and protected coves.
    It’s a very beautiful place with some great restaurants too. Put it on your bucket list!

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      1. Not very soon, I suspect. Our borders are closed and international travel not expected to the end of the year. But eventually things will turnaround. Give me a nod when you’re closer 🙂

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