Where the crown prince go on summer holiday

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Tisvildeleje is another of the old fishing villages on the north coast of Zealand which has been turned into a popular beach town area with many summerhouses from the population of Copenhagen. The village has always been pretty popular with the general crowd from Copenhagen since you can drive up here in about one hour. So it is easy to have a summerhouse which you can use during the weekend or even stay during the holiday and commute to and from Copenhagen on a daily basis.

The town has always been popular but in recent years the area has become famous for Tisvilde Uge (week) which basically mean the rich and popular from Copenhagen will go for this particular week in the middle of July. This was actually a tradition which used to take place in Skagen and in fact it is still taking place but it has been partly surpassed in popularity helped by the fact the Crown Prince has started to participate in Tisvilde Week instead of the older Skagen Uge.

Famous beach of Tisvildeleje

If you don’t want to rub shoulders with rich and famous people from Copenhagen you are probably better off visiting during another week when the prices is lower and the area is less crowded.

Forest at the beach of Tisvildeleje

There is actually a lot to see in the area if you would like to enjoy nature. There is obviously the beach as the main attraction for a summer house area. But there is also other thing of interest in the forest which is located right next to the main beach of Tisvildeleje. You can go in and enjoy the trees which are a bit oddly shaped because of the wind. You can just walk around in the forest or take a bike on one of the many mountain bike routes inside the forest.

You can drive up to Tisvildeleje in about an hour from Copenhagen – but even without a car it is an easy daytrip destination. You just have to take the S-train to Hillerød which is the final stop on this line and then change to a local train to Tisvildeleje which is the final stop on this line making it very easy to get off at the right stop.

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