Ørsteds Park outside old town Copenhagen

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When you visit Copenhagen you will notice there is a ring of old parks just outside the old center of the city. The parks were created in the wake of the removal of the old fortifications of Copenhagen. The parks generally include a lot of small lakes which used to be part of the moth in front of the old town.

Bridge across the lake in the park

One of these parks is the Ørsteds Park – the park is named after the famous Danish physicist H. C. Ørsted who was the first to discover electromagnetism. The park is a nice place to go for a little wonder during the day if you need a break from the museums, restaurants and buildings of the center. Though the park has a reputation for attracting gays during the night who are looking for company – but during the day it is very family friendly.

The park has in cooperated some of the old fortification in the design of the park. This makes the park a little bit hilly – which is a contrast with the rest of the central part of Copenhagen which is completely flat. The park also have a fairly large lake which is also characteristic of the parks at the former fortification which has taken over some of the old mouth in front of Copenhagen and made it into lakes.

Statue of Bertel Thorvaldsen

There are a lot of statues in the park including some statues of famous people from Copenhagen in the 19th century. In addition to a statue of H. C. Ørsted you can also find a statue of Bertel Thorvaldsen who was the most famous sculptor of Copenhagen and the only honorary citizen of Copenhagen ever.

Statue of H. C. Ørsted

You find the park just a short walk away from Rådhuspladsen and right across the road from Jarmers Tower. You could also reach the park from Købmagergade which is just a few meters walk away across the road from the other corner of the park.

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