Christmas market at Tivoli

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The biggest Christmas market in Copenhagen is found inside the old Tivoli garden. Every year from the middle of December they transform the park into a wintery Christmas landscape where you can go and get into the yuletide spirit. The only downside of it being located inside the park is – you have to pay the admission fee to the Tivoli Park to go in and enjoy the market.

Main street to the entrance

There is a big focus on the Christmas season but Tivoli is an amusement park so you can go and join the different ride for a cost if you like to and there is a large series of restaurants inside the park where you can go for dinner if you need a substantial meal.

Tree inside Tivoli

The Christmas market is particularly pretty at night when the light is shining inside the park and you can enjoy the many bright lights spread across the park. The most stunning of the features are probably the Christmas tree which supposedly is the most expensively decorated tree in Denmark. The decoration of the tree has cost a cool million Danish Kroner which is around 150,000 USD. There are no armed guards around the tree – but I didn’t see anybody trying to sneak across the grass to the tree to steal a crystal or two.

Expensive Christmas Tree in the garden

They also made different other decorations for the Christmas there is an area which usually is a lawn but during this season they had changed it into an oversized model railway with a large Christmas tree as the center piece.

There are a many shops selling the traditional Danish version of mulled wine called gløgg which comes in different version with or without a bit of spirits – all versions contain species, raisins and cut almonds. Many of the shops also sell another Danish traditional Christmas delight called æbleskiver which is cooked in a special pan making them into round balls – they are eaten with jam.

You can also find many shops selling items like Christmas decoration and whatever you might need for the winter – like a nice warm woolly jumper.

Japanese tower across the Tivoli lake

You might notice snow when you walk around the Christmas market – but this year there has been no snow before Christmas in Copenhagen – so all the snow is fake. At least the snow does give a decent impression of a winter landscape.


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