Christmas market at Kongens Nytorv

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The most beautiful square in Copenhagen is Kongens Nytorv. For years it has been a construction site due to the construction of a new metro line. Fortunately the metro line opened in the fall so the square is once again open to the public.

Santa sledge with his reindeer

They have taken advantage of the size of the square and made it into the largest Christmas market outside the Tivoli garden. There are a lot of shops and many different treats which you can go and enjoy during a night of exploration of the Christmas markets.

The area of the market is pretty with a lot of lights and the area is fairly large so it isn’t too crowded most of the time. There is probably the biggest selection of stalls selling food and drinks of any of the Christmas markets in the city.

D’Angleterre hotel – one of the most expensive hotels in Copenhagen

Next to the square are the top luxury hotel of Copenhagen and they do put up a nice Christmas decoration every year so you can enjoy the hotel as well when you go and explore. Close to the hotel you find the Magasin department store which is the biggest department store in Copenhagen. They do put a lot of lights on Magasin during the Christmas month so this is another sight to enjoy.

Magasin department store

Nyhavn Christmas market

Just next to Kongens Nytorv you find Nyhavn – it is a small harbor with colourful houses along the canal. During December they put lights in the street, on the trees next to the harbor and on the ships lying on anchor in the harbor.

Ships in the harbor of Nyhavn

The market is located at the edge of the harbor along the cobbled pedestrian street which is the main street of Nyhavn. During the rest of the year the area is dominated by the many restaurants which do serve outdoors as well – and the poor students will sit at the harbor enjoying the sunshine with somewhat cheaper drinks purchased in the closest shop.

The shops sell the traditional Danish Christmas mulled wine – gløgg and the shops are happy to give a small sample to the passerby in the hope of making a sale. There are also a few shops selling different food and wintery stuff.

During daytime there is sometimes a visit from Santa so the kids can come and sit on his lap for a bit asking for bigger Christmas gift – unfortunately Santa has an early curfew so if you come in the evening he will have returned home to misses Clause.

The cobbled pedestrian street through Nyhavn

Christmas market at Højbro Plads

Polar bears at the market

On a square next to the parliament and the main pedestrian street Strøget you find a pretty nice Christmas market. There are a lot of shops at the square and they sell different food stuff and your must have Christmas ornament.

Naturally you also find the shops selling food and drinks as well. The market is centrally located close to the national museum so it is a good stop if you are visiting the museum during the day.

Entrance to the market with the statue of the founder of Copenhagen


    1. Well the Christmas market on Kongens Nytorv is acutally pretty new. The square has been a building site for years making a new metro station which is finally finished. You can check out what Tivoli looks like at Christmas here:


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