Finally looking around the center

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We have spent most of our time in Munich inside museums or outside the city center – or visiting the different Christmas markets without actually doing much sightseeing. So we haven’t actually seen much of the central part of Munich during the first days of our visit. Finally it is time to go out and wonder around the center for a while.

We take the train to the central station and then start wondering around the city. We get to one of the most beautiful square in the central part of Munich. It is the Köningsplatz which has a Greek inspired structure placed on the middle of the square. From the square there is a large avenue which is home to some museums. The different museums are located in some of the most impressive buildings in the city so it is worth walking by even though we didn’t go inside any of these museums.


We continue down the avenue and reach another square which got an obelix in the center of the square. From here we continue to the center and go to the Wittelsbacherplatz where we have already been before enjoying the Medieval Christmas market which takes place here. It is right next to the Recidenz palace.

We wonder around a couple of more squares around the center – but we don’t really get to see all there is to see in Munich during this quick visit to the city. I guess we can go back another time around and maybe I should cut down on the time between my second and third visit to the city – considering my last visit here was when I was 10.


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