Famous beerhall of Munich – Hofbrauhaus

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Beerhalls has a special place in the history of Munich. It was a place where people met to have a drink and exchange ideas. The most infamous of these politician coming from here is obviously Hitler who started his career giving speeches at different beerhalls and finally trying a power crab at during the beerhall putsch which didn’t go as planned and landed him in jail for a year.

The famous Hofbrauhaus from outside

So going to a beerhall is one thing I wanted to do during the time in Munich. To go and have a local brew and some good Bavarian food. We head for the most famous of them all – which turns out to be a mistake.

The ceiling of the Hofbrauhaus

We go to the Hofbrauhaus it is the biggest of all the beerhalls in the center of Munich so it is an obvious place to seek out when we are here – and it is easy to reach from other attractions like the museum at the Recidenz.

The busy beerhall

The Hofbrauhaus is a really big building serving food for hundreds of guest at a time with the servers dress in old dress. There is also a Bavarian band playing their brass instruments from a platform in the middle of the beerhall. Some of the guest is actually also dressed in traditional Bavarian dress with lederhosen and all – but most of the guest come in wearing their regular cloths.

Band playing

The place is poorly organized so you just have to find an available table and then try to find a menu. Unfortunately we are not allowed to go up and get one ourselves so we have to wait for one of the waiters dropping by. After a too long wait we still haven’t managed to get an English menu. Finally we lose our patience and give up and walk out. Judging from the German menu the price seemed to be a bit on the high end for the food they were serving anyways.

Inside the beerhall

At least we got to admire the building with the band and the painted ceilings. We go out and find another beerhall close by. This one isn’t quite as famous so they actually have to provide a decent service. The food here was good local food as well and the beer was coming quickly in the one liter mugs so everything turned out good.


  1. Sounds like fame hasn’t translated to good service! When I lived in Germany the beerhalls only served bratwurst and pompes frites and pretzels so there were no menus! Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth

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