The Medieval Christmas market

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The markets in Munich have kind of different of themes which makes it interesting mix to go and explore. One of the interesting markets is the Medieval Christmas market. The people at the market are dressed in medieval dress – some are doing a better job than other and the market do have a pretty old vibe going on all through the place.

There is a stage which is the center of the market right at the back where there are different performances. There was a German group playing old music on ancient instruments which you rarely see in use today. The music were pretty good and there was a crowd watching – but there wasn’t too many people so you could actually get to see the performance if you dropped by the market.

The next day we went back again this time during daylight hours and there was a fencing display going on performed by a Czech fencing group consisting of two men and a woman. They had repeated sword fights using different ancient weapons and once again you could manage to get to see most of the action – how close you could come would depend on how many kids you are willing to push away to make it closer to the front – or if you could accept just watching over the heads of the people in front of you.

The food and drinks at the market has a little medieval theme as well with some selling a roasted boar which is going around on a spear for a while. The food is decent but might be a little over priced even for the Christmas market scene.

They do serve the traditional Glühwein but they do it with a twist. At some stalls they serve it in a large cup which looks a bit like a bowl which is actually pretty heavy. At the edge of the cup there is a little space where they place a sugar cube and then they poor a decent amount of rum and light it on fire. During the night it looks pretty when the bowl is burning with the blue flames. Unfortunately you don’t get to keep the cup – there is a 10€ deposit for the cup which is almost double the price of the Glühwein inside the cup.

The burning Glüewein

The market is located on Wittelsbachersplatz close to the Odeonsplatz U-bahn station and only a short walk away from the Recidenz and the Kaiserhof Christmas market located in the courtyard of the Recidenz.


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