Chinese Turm Christmas market

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There is a large park in Munich which is one of the biggest city parks in the world – it is about the same size of the Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York. One of the main sights of the park is the large Chinese Turm or Chinese tower which is located in the middle of the park. During the summer there is a beer garden going around the tower. And during the month of December the beer garden is transformed into a Christmas market.

The entrance to the Christmas market at Chinese Turm

There is a surprising big crowd considering we have actually moved a little away from the center of Munich and there is no S-bahn or U-bahn nearby so you have to arrive by bus or by bike if you want to go out here. I guess you might be able to walk but it is a fairly long walk from the central part of the city.

Chinese Tower behind the trees

The mood at the market is a bit different since we are sort of in a forest – this might technically be a park but it is a huge park so it does feel more like a forest outside the city and not a park inside the city.

A street at the Christmas market

The fact there is a beer garden here in the summer does play a role when it comes to the sale of drinks. Out here beer is the dominant drink and the traditional mulled wine you usually find at the German Christmas markets play second fiddle out here. You can still find the traditionally mulled German wine – Glühwein but you have to look for a bit more than usual.

The market covers a fairly big area so you can wonder around the different stalls and look for a bite to eat or a little shopping if you need it. And of course you can get the much needed drink which is an integral part of most of the markets.

People a the market

You can get here by a bus from the Giselstrasse U-bahn station. There are fairly frequent busses going to and from the station so it shouldn’t take too long to reach the market by bus.

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