Christmas market at the Recidenz

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One of the top tourist spots in Munich is the huge Recidenz which used to be the home of the rulers of Bavaria. Today it has been transformed into a museum and you can go and explore a lot of the rooms. There is also a special treasure museum and a theater you can go and visit.

The market in the courtyard

If you go and visit it all you will probably need a break to get a bite to eat between your visits to the different museums, before or after your visit. During December there is an obvious place you can go – the Christmas market at the Kaiserhof which is located in a courtyard of the Recidenz. We actually saw the market when we were walking through the first floor of the Recidenz which had a view of the Imperial Courtyard where the market is located.

After we had walked around the old castle we went outside and had a look at the market. There are a lot of small huts with different Christmas displays to have a little look at before you head to the different shops selling food and drinks.

Stalls along the old royal recidence

The special locations inside the courtyard make the mood at the market somehow more intense than the market located on a city square where you can just get in and out from the side of the road. There is a fair amount of people visiting in the middle of the day – I don’t know if it was all people who needed a break from the museum or they just wanted to go and enjoy the market.


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