Tollwood winter market

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The market at Toolwood isn’t a classic Christmas market – it is more like a winter market. It is located at the large area just outside the Theresienweise U-bahn station. The area is used for the October fest but during the winter time it is transformed into an outdoor market where the locals come out in the thousands.

Entrance walk to the Tollwood Winter Market

The market has a large focus on light so it is best to come after dark so you really can see the light features of the market. Coming out of the station there is a light show going on which kind of make you feel like you are out at sea. It feels like the earth is moving which isn’t actually the case.

The market has a bit more variety when it comes to food since it serves a large variety of other fast food that you don’t usually see at the Christmas markets. The area huge but it is actually crowded so it seems like half of Munich population has made it out here this Sunday night.

There are some tents which I assume are used for beer drinking part of the October fest. During this time of the year the tents are transformed into a large shopping area where you can go and do shopping for different things. We don’t have a close look at what is for sale since it didn’t look very interesting.

Decoration at the market

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