Christmas market at the airport

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We have to fly out from Munich at night – so we decide to head a little early to the airport and have our dinner at the Christmas market which is actually going on in the airport area between terminal 1 and 2.

Trees at the Christmas market in the airport

The market is a good way to spend a little time before the flight or possible after you arrive. The market is going on from 11 till 21 at night. So most people will have a chance to go and enjoy the market if they got the time when they arrive or leave.

The shops at the market – and people with carry on luggage

The market got the traditional bratwurst and special Bavarian bread which is sort of a variation on a pizza. There is also mulled wine ready for you to drink if you want a little cup before the departure.

Shop and tree at the market in the airport

In addition to the Christmas market shops there are also a few more shops catering for the international audience so you can get your traditional pizza and a few other international fast foods at the Christmas market.

A tree at the market

In the center of the market is an ice skating ring you can go and enjoy if you like – they do have a little booth renting out skates if you have forgotten to pack them inside your carry-on luggage.

Ice-skating at he Christmas market

There is a band playing as well so there is a bit of entertainment while you are waiting for the flight. The band did stop around 8 so we only caught the last bit of the show. I guess it was some sort of local band so you didn’t really miss out on an international superstar.

Band on stage at the airport


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