Getting to the castle

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We arrived a bit late to Munich yesterday so we don’t get a super early start. Instead we just head down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before we start the explorations of the day. We have read about an interesting castle a bit to the west of the center so we decide to head out there.

Canal in the park of the palace

We head out of the hotel to catch an S-bahn train to take us to the central station. Unfortunately there is no train going near the castle – but there is a tram leaving right outside the station which should take us right to the castle.

Geese crossing the road in front of the palace

The central station is pretty big but we manage to find the right exit for the tram we are taking – the stop is right outside the exit so no problem. Or we thought no problem. After a short wait we notice we are the only ones waiting here – and there is a small sign stating the tram is currently out of order due to some sort of maintenance.


We are supposed to catch a bus instead which should leave from close by – so we walk to the substitution bus stop. We find a sign which looks like a bus stop – and then we wait. No bus is coming but a few other people come by waiting with us. After a while a bus is going the other way – but none is coming our way. We guess we are just unlucky the bus going the other way comes first so we wait a bit more. And then another bus arrives going the opposite way.

Amalienburg in the park

We start suspecting this isn’t actually the substitution stop so we walk a bit down the road. We find another bus stop – this one is more clearly marked as a substation stop for the tram. So we wait a bit more and it doesn’t take very long before a bus comes by and we are on our way.

Amalienburg in the park

Finally we get to our destination – there is a lot of roadwork going on out here so they have taken the rails from the tram up from the road. I guess this is the reason why they had shut down the tram line. We walk down a little road until we get to the Nymphenburg palace. It is a large royal castle which used to be the residence for the kings of Bavaria. It is actually still the residence of the House of Wittelsbach which are the decent from the last king of Bavaria. Today part of the castle has been transformed into a museum and we go and visit the impressive rooms of the palace.

Geese walking across the road

After having visited the castle museum and the next door coach museum at the Marstallmuseum we walk into the park behind the castle. The park is open free of charge to the public so we just go wondering around the park for a bit. It is winter and they have to protect the statues of the park which are covered by small wooden boxes protecting them from the rain and frost which might destroy a statue. In the park are some different smaller buildings which are nice to have a look at. During the summer time it is possible to go inside but during the winter we have just to settle for a look from the outside.

Geese looking for food on the lawn in front of Nymphenburg Palace

After a bit we walk back through the park to the castle and then start making our way back to the bus. In front of the castle are some grassy lawns which seem to attract a large number of geese. So it takes us a while walking back to the bus. We enjoy the many geese in front of the castle for a while and then make it to the bus.

It is a getting a bit late in the day by now – helped by the fact the trip out here took a bit longer than it should. So we will not do much more sightseeing for the day. Instead it is time for us to go and enjoy a couple of the many Christmas markets of Munich during December.


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