Getting to the top of Långe Erik lighthouse

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On the northern tip of the island of Öland there are a few small islands and the water up here was a bit difficult to navigate and over the years lots of ships were shipwrecked at this location. To help the shipping in the area there was a demand for a lighthouse in the 17th century to help guide the ships.

Långe Erik lighthouse

The requests for a lighthouse were ignored for more than a century. The construction of a lighthouse was not agreed upon before 1844 and then it went fast and the lighthouse was ready to operate in 1845. The lighthouse is 27 meters tall and is still guiding the traffic. There used to be attendants living at the lighthouse to make sure to turn on the lights when it got dark – but this process were automated in 1976 and the lighthouse no longer needed constant attention.

The lighthouse has become a national landmark and since 1998 it has been managed by the National Property Board. This is fortunate since this has ensured there is a public access to the top of the lighthouse at least during parts of the year. We manage to head to the top of the lighthouse. Despite the fact it is only 27 meters tall there is still an amazing view from the top of the lighthouse.

A private house on the private island north of Öland

There is a great view of a small series of islands which are located at the northern end of the larger Öland island and the view from up here is actually pretty nice to enjoy so it is well worth to pay the modest entrance fee and head up the stair to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the view. There was nobody else up in the lighthouse when we went to the top so we could enjoy an exclusive view without anybody to disturb us.


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