Naturum at the southern end of Öland

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We head all the way down to the southern end of the island of Öland. When we get down there, we reach the end of the road much like it was the case when we went to the northern end of the island. It is a nice area down here at the southern edge of the island. Like the northern end, this place was a difficulty for the ships passing by so there was a need to mark the southern edge of the island with a lighthouse in the old day. Here it is Långe Jan, which helps guide the shipping while it was Långe Erik.

The location at the southern edge of the island has the effect it has become a birding paradise. When the birds migrate, north or south they tend to end up at this little location at the southern end where they first reach land after crossing the Baltic Sea or it is the last bit of land where they can rest before going out across the Baltic Sea during the fall migration of the birds.

The many birds passing by has attracted birders and researcher to the location so there is a small birding station here where they can catch migrating bird to mark them with a ring when they are passing by. They have also made a little museum of the birds and the nature here at the southern edge of the island of Öland.

The drive down to the south point of the island from the main land of Sweden is a bit long and to make it back to the main land will make the journey into a full daytrip if you are making just a few stops along the way at the many different attractions. One such attraction is the ancient grave marked by the Kings stones not far from the naturum at the southern edge of the island. The place might be out of the way but if you like wild natural beauty and bird watching this is clearly the place to go on the island of Öland.

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