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Close to the southern point of Öland just outside Ottenby you find an old grave field. The graves in the area dates back to between 450 and 850 and are evidence of a pretty large population in the area considering the number of old graves you find in this small area.

The two giant stones for two kings

The most striking feature of the grave field is two huge standing stones. The stones are called the kings stones. The stones mark a burial site – according to the local legend the persons buried here are two kings from the Ynglinga dynasty which came to the area from Uppland.

Next to one of the stones is a stone slab which was part of the grave. There isn’t much more to see in this area than these large stones – but they are a special feature in the rather flat landscape so they really stand out and are worth to have a quick look at if you are exploring the southern end of Öland.

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