Historic Gettlinge Gravefield

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When you head south along the eastern side of the island of Öland on the major 136 road you will pass several places of interest. One particular place of interest is the ancient burial ground called Gettlinge Gravefield.

At the Gettlinge Grave field you will find a total of at least 200 ancient graves. The graves have different shapes representing different traditions of burial over time. The oldest graves date back possible to 1,000 BC and some burial mounds date back to this era.

Ship grave at Gettlinge Gravefield

The grave changed and later you find some graves which are marked by a circle of stones. The later graves have further changed shape – now the circle of stones has been transformed into a ship shaped form. The ship shape is a traditional burial form used up until the end of the Viking age. The stone ship should help the buried person to cross over to the afterworld.

You can wonder around the grave field and have a look at the different graves in different shapes. I guess you will never find all of them since some has deteriorated over time hence they might be hardly visible today.

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