The north tip of Öland

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The northern edge of Öland is a pretty area with a string of small islands leading off the northern edge into the ocean north of the island. There are some great views to be had up here with the best view found at the top of the local lighthouse from where you can really see the string of small islands.

Långe Erik lighthouse

The island with the lighthouse north of Öland is for pedestrians only so you walk up there cross a small bridge and then you can enjoy the little island.

The northern edge of Öland is home to a lot of birds. There are some swans swimming in the shallow water just outside the coast but the most numerous birds up here seems to be a large flock of cormorants which sits on several small stones just of the coast of the island.

The main reason to head to this part of Öland is obviously to get to that end of the world spot from where you can go no further. Fortunately you do get rewarded with some pretty sights if you do decide to go to the end of the world so it is worth going up here.

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