Visiting the small island of Orø

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Orø is one of the many small inhabited islands you will find spread across the water surrounding the major islands of Denmark. The island has a limited permanent population of just under 900 people which is supplemented by more than double that number during the holiday season when the island fills up with many summerhouses and a large camping ground as well.

Standing on a little stone pier on Orø

The island has its own shop making it easier to stay on the island if you are making a longer visit so you can resupply if you need to. The island is rather small so you can see everything in a day if you like to – so a longer visit will mainly be to enjoy beach life on the island.

We went to Orø for a daytrip to see the island since we have never been there before. It is about an hour drive from Copenhagen and then you need to catch a ferry which takes about 5 minutes. The waiting time is usually limited since the ferry will go back forward continuously.

The island hasn’t got any really big attractions but it is generally a pretty place so it is an enjoyable place to go and wonder for a day. The beach areas are nice and you can head through the small summer house areas on the island to enjoy the beach and the landscape around it. The biggest attractions are a large stone called Orø Stenen and the old water container called Kulturbeholderen where there is a display of the history of Orø.


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