Hill top Trine – troll on the hill

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Trine is a giant troll sitting on the top of a hill just outside a movie city in Avedøre a suburb of Copenhagen. The troll is located in a pretty area which seems to be a favorite location for the locals who will enjoy a picnic in the green area just outside the city. There are actually a lot of domestic animals in the area including sheep, chicken and horses.

Trine sitting on the hill looking out over the landscape

Trine is one of the six forgotten giants which were the original trolls made by Thomas Dambo. The trolls are made out of recycled scrap wood in an attempt to make a statement for more recycling around Denmark and the globe.

Trine is named after one of the volunteers who helped working on another of the six giants. Like all the giants she is located at a scenic natural setting to try and attract the locals of Copenhagen to the nice places which are actually found around the outskirts of the city.

Trine is enjoying the view from the top of the hill looking out to the area called Avedøresletten. She has a good view of the green scenery far in the distance which can be seen from the top of the small hill since the surrounding landscape is fairly flat.


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