Kulturbeholderen – cultural container

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On the top of a hill is an old container. It was built in 1905 as a water container – it was located on the top of a hill so a local windmill could fill the container during the day and when the different farmers needed the water later in the day there would be water pressure for most of the farms. Unfortunately the water container wasn’t sufficient to create enough pressure for all the farms in the city so the farms furthest away from the water container had to take home their life stock before or after the people in the rest of the village if they wanted to be able to give water for the life stock. Finally the modern water pump came to Orø and the old water container no longer had to be in use.

Painting of the pre historic period

Instead of tearing down the now obsolete concreate building they decided to preserve the building but make it into a cultural container.

Inside the container you will find paintings which display the different historical periods on Orø to tell you a bit about life through the ages on the island. The first painting is from the prehistory when the landscape was formed before the arrival of human. The next painting is how the arrival farming changed the landscape on the island and the paintings continue with all other important events on the island including a time when it was a royal hunting ground and another time when the Swedish army occupied the island.

It is free to look inside and there is text explaining the different paintings. The text is in Danish but you can get an English translation in a holder so everybody can understand the history. It is free to have a look inside so no reason not to go in if you are on the small island.


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