Ferry to Orø

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The small island of Orø actually got no less than two ferries connecting the island with the main island of Zealand. One ferry will take you to Holbæk which is the biggest city in the area. Unfortunately this ferry is rather slow since it has to go for a long distance – so most people will take the other shorter connection which only takes around 5 minutes to cross the water. Another bonus with this connection is the fact it is much closer to Copenhagen making it the obvious choice if you leave from Copenhagen to go on a daytrip to Orø.

Ferry leaving to go across

The ferry is a small cable ferry which means it doesn’t have an engine to make a propeller go around and push the boat forward. The ferry is very quiet when it goes across the little passage of water.

We get our ticket onboard the ferry and it is a return ticket so we can just catch the ferry back later in the day. The ferry trip is easy and I think there are never any waves at this location since the island of Orø is located inside a fjord so it is sheltered from the wind.

When we leave the ferry there is a little house across the water close to the ferry – this little building actually have a little old boat inside and you can go in and have a look at this old boat house. They have made a little picnic area outside the boat house for the locals to enjoy.

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