The stone of Orø

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One of the new attractions of Orø is a giant stone – the stone itself is probably around 1.690 million years old and it originate from the island of Bornholm where they have similar type of rock in the ground. The giant stone travelled with the ice from Bornholm to the island of Orø around 13-14,000 years ago.

Orø Stone

The stone was hidden away in the ground of Orø for the next 13-14,000 years until it was finally discovered in 1983 near a farm called Lindhøjgård. The stone was moved from the farm to a more pronounced location in 1996.

The stone is now located on hill on the central part of Orø. From the stone you have a great view of Orø and the fjord surrounding the island. If you are visiting Orø you will most likely drive on the road where the stone is located so you might as well use the table at the stone for a picnic if you are hungry and nobody else is occupying the space.


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