Svendborg – main town of south east Fyn

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There is really one major town on the south eastern corner of the island of Fyn and that is Svendborg. Just outside Svendborg you will find several different islands and Svendborg can be used as a base if you want to explore the island but don’t really want to live on them. Though keep in mind public transport to some of the surrounding area can be a bit limited so Svendborg really only works as a base if you have your own transport. Considering this is the largest town in the area you will probably find the selection of restaurants and other services here better than what you will find at other locations.

In addition to use Svendborg as a base for explorations the town itself is actually a nice place to explore for a bit. The city has a long history as a chartered town with trading privileges. The city has a pretty large harbor and the location was perfect since the harbor was sheltered against wind from the open sea and there were a lot of islands nearby which needed to trade with the largest town in the area.

The harbor is an interesting area and you can actually walk out a small bridge to a little island which has been the center of the shipping industry for centuries. There used to be several shipyards out on this island but today there is only one left which mainly focus on repairing old ships. Another interesting place is the sail ship pier on the main island of Fyn where you can go and spot a lot of large old wooden sailing ships.

Spread across the center of Svendborg you can wonder the old streets – when you do you will spot a lot of old houses several which must be dating back at least 2-3 centuries.

Old house on the old square

One of the prettiest houses is found at the large cobbled stoned square in the middle of the old town so it is a natural place to go and explore. If you spend any significant time in the town you will naturally get to this square anyways.

We walk around the old streets in town to look for the different old houses and it nice to go wonder in the town on a sunny spring day so we enjoy the easy stroll around the center.

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