Sail ship pier in Svendborg

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Svendborg is a small town located in the south eastern corner of the island off Fyn. The city has always been using the good access to the sea from the protected harbor in the area. the world largest contain shipping company Maersk Line was actually founded in this small town a bit over a century ago before they moved to Copenhagen where the bulk of the Danish shipping industry is located.

With the influence of shipping in the city it is no surprise there is a large harbor in the city. the industrial harbor is more or less gone there isn’t a lot of commercial shipping left in the town – the main harbor now consist of a lot of small ships the locals have to enjoy a little sail between the many islands just outside Svendborg.

One interesting place in the harbor is a pier which is called the sejlskibsmolen – or sailing ship pier. This is where the sailing ships of the city are all anchored in the harbor. There are several large old wooden sailing ships and you can go and see the magnificent ships at the pier. Many of the ships are available for day trips around the islands just outside Svendborg particularly during the summer season so you might have a change to get onboard one of the ships if you like.

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