Viking seat at Tissø

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On western Zealand you find the la Tissø which is actually the fourth largest lake in Denmark. The lake was formed by a huge block of ice left behind by the icecap which used to cover all of northern Europe. The ice was so heavy it made a depression in the ground and when the ice melted it formed a large lake which is still present till today. The area around the lake is a good place for bird watching.

In the yellow field at Tissø

The area around the lake was an important location in ancient days and an important settlement was formed around the area. A small fiefdom or possible a king ruled over the area of Western Zealand using this location as the base.

The lake Tissø was an important place for the ancient Norse to go and worship they named the lake after the god Tyr and an important chief lived in the area. Around 550 the chief made his large estate at this spot and it remained an important settlement for a chief or king for the next 4-5 centuries. The settlement was rich which an important archeological finds has been done in the area including the large Tissø Ring which weigh 2 kilo of pure gold.

Markers of the old house

Today there is a museum at the location to remember the ancient days – you can go into the museum or you can just walk around the ground which doesn’t have a lot of visible remains. There has been made a few markers to indicate where the important ancient buildings used to be – but they were all made from wood so nothing has survived until the present time.

Recreated ship

The area is worth having a look at if you have your own car – if not it is probably just too much of a hassle to get to this remote location by public transport – so you probably should skip it.

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