Thatches roof houses at Sletten

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If you drive north from Copenhagen towards Helsingør you will pass a little village of Sletten. The village is close to the famous Louisiana Museum in Humlebæk – you can walk from one to the other in less than half an hour if you like. If you do so you might treat yourselves to a reward at Sletten Restaurant which has received great reviews and is run by the same people who have the Formel B restaurant in Copenhagen with a Michelin star – unfortunately I haven’t tried the restaurant yet so I can’t comment on the food.

The city has a little harbor down at the beach which is a nice place to go and Sletten restaurant is right next to the harbor so it might be an obvious destination if you are in the area. The harbor is nice to have a little look at and there is a few birds including some swans swimming around in the area around the harbor.

The main attraction in the village is the main road – which is a one way street going through the village with a very low speed limit. The road is home to the many thatches houses in the village and it is a good place to go and see these houses if you are in the Copenhagen area – where this type of dwellings has long disappear most places. Fortunately the city has decided that all houses with a thatches roof is to be considered a historic landmark and it is not allowed to modernize the roof. Instead the locals will have to rebuild their roof every 50 years or so which is the normal lifespan of a thatches roof.

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