A large troll hiding in the wood

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Dragør is a small town a little drive outside of Copenhagen. It is so close to Copenhagen so most people living in this community is commuting to and from the city – unless they work at the airport which is in between Dragør and the city of Copenhagen.

Bjarke sitting in the wood

The city of Dragør is located in a nice natural setting close to the sea and a small wood. Inside the wood just outside Dragør you can find one of the famous trolls made by Thomas Dambo. The troll in this wood is called Bjarke Cirkelsten – or Bjarke circlestone. Bjarke is located in the forest and just before you get to see Bjarke you will see a circle of stones – which I guess has given Bjarke part of the name.

Collections of stones in Bjarkes hands

Bjarke is a nice big troll sitting in the wood – he is only a short hike away from the road so it is fairly easy to go and see the troll. There is no parking nearby but you can probably find a spot to park your car at the nearby golf course and then just take the short hike along a tiny road to the little trail inside the wood.

Bjarke Cirkelsten

Bjarke isn’t one of the original 6 hidden giant Thomas Dambo made around Copenhagen a few years ago – instead this troll is part of a work which has been done during the current lock down of Covid-19 when Thomas Dambo haven’t been able to build trolls around the world. Instead he has built trolls at nice places around Denmark during the last year.


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