Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is the most visited art museum in Denmark despite the fact it is actually located a bit of a drive north of Copenhagen. You can reach it by train from Copenhagen to Humlebæk Station or you can get to the museum after a visit to Helsingør by getting off the train to Copenhagen or Sweden at Humlebæk Station. When you arrive at the station you probably just walk to the museum – there is a bus heading to the museum but it leaves only once an hour so you will most likely end up with a long wait if you want to go by bus. The same goes when you leave the museum – you probably just have to walk to the station.

Entrance to the museum

The museum was founded in 1958 and it was originally located in a villa in the area. But soon the museum grew and there are now a lot of buildings behind the original villa. Though the name of the villa was Louisiana and the old villa is still in use as the entrance to the museum. You could think the name got a relation to the American south ­– but this isn’t the case. Instead the former owner had a weakness for women named Louise. He had been married three times – and all three wife’s were named Louise.

The museum has an excellent location overlooking Øresund outside and it is possible to wonder the big garden and have a drink or something to eat at the outdoor café in case of good summer weather. There are also several sculptures in the garden.

Sculpture in the garden in front of the restaurant

The museum has a large permanent collection ensuring there is something to see no matter when you visit. The museum originally focused on modern Danish art and they have a large collection of Asger Jorn and Per Kirkeby.

Later the extended the collection to various international artists and today the permanent collection include top international artist like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Max Ernst.

In addition to the permanent collection there are temporary exhibitions which sometimes are of varying quality but occasionally it is actually some top international artist on display in the temporary exhibitions.


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