Skibsklarergaarden museum

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The old town of Helsingør used to be a busy port just a bit north of Copenhagen. The old Øresund Tariff ensured the ships had to stop for a while in Helsingør paying their tariffs. Since they already stopped they might as well get some supplies from the local merchant.

Shop at Skibsklarergaarden

The rich shipping in and around Helsingør ensured a lot of merchant set up shop in the city to supply the different ships. One of the old merchant houses has been transformed into a small museum where you can see how an old merchant lived and worked selling his supplies.

The house is located right across from the harbor so there would have been easy access from the ships to the house in the old days. There has been a house on this lot for a long time but the current house date back to 1780 and on the ground floor there is a little shop which date back to 1809.


There are a couple of rooms with an old shop – apparently there is free access to these rooms – but if you want to see the rest of the house you will have to go on a tour of the house. When I arrived in the afternoon maybe half an hour or so before the listed closing time there was nobody present anywhere at the house so I just walked in.

I went upstairs to have a look at the old residence of the merchant and his family. The house is decorated like it would have been towards the end of the 18th century. The house is nice to go and have a quick look around to get an idea about how the people used to live in the old days.

I guess you probably should wait to join a tour instead of just walking in. I assume they will do the tours in both Danish and English at least if there is a couple of people not speaking Danish.

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